Dog as mouthpiece

I’m hiding.  Hiding behind the d-o-g to the j-o-e.  I put off writing a blog because frankly who gives a shit what I have to say and then I re-thought that and said, phtew… only everyone.  But I didn’t want it to slip into total narcisism so I gave myself a filter.  It’s the stop thinking your important and bring me out to shit in the road filter, or if it were more true to reality it would be the stop watching porn and bring me out to shit in the road and then write that stupid blog filter, but my mom may read this.  It’s the filter Joe my dog taught me.  (Relax I’m not going to explain Joe and all his zen like qualitites and how he helped me understand simplicity and the little things like walks in the park.  But he did.  And I’m not going to try to write in the voice of a dog with simple declarative sentences about butt sniffing.)

It is now several days after this initial post. So that’s the filter.  The Yankees were swept last night by the Detroit Tigers and the media here in NYC acts as if this team had any chance of going to or winning the World Series.  They were damn fortunate to get out of Baltimore which frankly would have been a much better story. I would have liked to Buck beat them. The A-Rod kruffuffle is just poetic.  ”I think we are a better team when I’m in the line up”  Well that makes one of you.  It’s pretty hard to argue that in recent weeks they have most certainly not been better with him in the line up – ahem Raul Ibanez.  Here’s the question.  (Or it’s a question, thinking about it makes me feel like I doubt it rises to the level of The question.)  How does a guy who is good looking, rich, talented, end up being so thoroughly unlikeable?